Matt Dark's Resume and Portfolio

Website Developement, Photography and Frame Making.

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A little about myself:

I love to learn new things; new projects are my forte. Typically, I get interested in a new skill and study it independently. Programming, guitar, banjo, photography, and frame-making seem to be the ones that have stuck with me. Each is appealing in its own way, but all are endless in the depth of learning they present. I am pursuing web development as a profession as it taps into the same brain-space and interest that arose while I was obtaining my math degree. I am a problem solver; I'm good at it. Luckily, I also enjoy it.

I am at your service:

Website Development

Solving problems and learning that never ends. Nice. Count me in.


Abstract, Architecture, Travel, Urban Decay, and Puppy.

Frame Making and Mat Cutting

Walnut, Mahogany, and Cherry. These are my woods.

Banjo and Guitar

Good old time music.

Hey There:

If you have a project you'd like me to get involved in, sounds great! Let's talk about it. Send me an email. I'm happy to answer some questions, and I'll probably even ask a few.